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Pricing for All Nursery Dolls

Pricing information for all dolls, including Custom Dolls, Portrait Dolls, and Playborns, can be found on this page. Pricing for "Available Babies" can be found on their respective pages.

Custom ordering is not always available. I only take custom requests one at a time, as I have time, between making show babies etc. If you are wanting a Christmas baby or a baby by a specific date then please contact me several weeks or months in advance for availability. Also, please check the "Available Babies" page for Darling babies who need to find their forever mommy!
Custom Heirloom Reborn Dolls

If you are interested in ordering a custom made doll, to begin your magical journey, you will need to complete a questionnaire via email which will help you narrow your decisions and choices for your unique doll. From this, I can determine the final price for your doll. Please ask for one. See the "Custom Orders & Options" page for more information on this process.

Since each doll is a unique creation, pricing can vary greatly depending on your choices from around $350 to $1,500 or more. The size of the actual doll, the type of hair you choose, micro rooting or a wig, and the age of the baby, are major factors that will affect the price of your reborn. Based on the answers you provide on the questionaire I'll send you, I will figure the cost of ALL materials required to make your specific baby. I will also figure a very accurate estimate of how many hours I will have invested in making your baby which I call TTL... my TIME, TALENT, and LABOR required to create the doll from beginning to end. With these figures I will quote your price.

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Heirloom Portrait Babies

Please refer to the "Custom Heirloom Reborn Dolls" section above. Portrait babies are the exact same dolls only they are made from a picture of an infant or child.

$75 matching fee-

To begin your journey of adopting a beautiful portrait doll, you must first contact me ( and ask for a portrait doll questionaire. Once you have filled it out and returned it, I will be able to give you a price for your baby. At that time, if you are sure you want to adopt, you will pay the deposit for your doll, send me photos, and I will begin to look for a matching sculpt (face, arms, & legs). If you are unsure you want to adopt until you see the chosen sculpt, then a $75 non-refundable finding fee can be paid in lieu of the deposit to cover my time spent looking for a matching sculpt. Looking for a matching sculpt is a time consuming process and I must be compensated for it. The $75 will be applied to your deposit should you decide to adopt.

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Please visit Wendy's PLAY babies page for pricing and all other information...located under the "Babies" tab above.