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The Birth of The Neverland Nursery, January 2007 - present

by Professional Reborn Doll Artist Karen Whitmore

Welcome to The Neverland Nursery! I am very excited that you are taking the time to view my wonderful dolly creations! My name is Karen Whitmore and my custom doll studio, The Neverland Nursery, is located in Valdosta, Georgia around the second star to the right and straight on till morning!

The nursery is a very special place because it is magical! Each time a new baby is born, on the first evening of its arrival, when the nursery is all dark and the babies are sleeping, the neverland fairies come to visit. They fly over the newly born baby and lightly sprinkle it with their magical fairy dust... fairy dust that will transform the newborn into a baby forever! The baby then becomes a part of Neverland... where babies stay little forever!

If you are familiar with the classic fairy tale of Peter Pan, you will notice that the themes and characters of this timeless classic are sprinkled throughout my virtual nursery. Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and his Lost Boys, Wendy Darling and her nursemaid doggy Nana have all found their way into my nursery! And all of my babies are little Darlings! I can't think of a more fitting surname for them since they truly are Darling!

While pondering the perfect name for my dolly venture, it didn't take me long to decide on Neverland. Throughout my childhood, I was lovingly called "Karen Pan, the little girl who never grew up" by my father and Peter Pan was one of my favorite stories. It just made sense to me that I should name my nursery after this precious story since it played such a big part in my life growing up. And like Peter Pan, my baby creations would never grow up.

The Neverland Nursery art studio is designed and built specifically to suit the art of creating my beautiful babies! It has a painting station, a seperate weighting & hair rooting station, a drying and baking area, office space, and a beautiful nursery corner where my cradle sits. I have decorated this corner to resemble a real baby nursery for displaying my creations. This area will also double as my photography station. See photos under the "About" tab. Click on "the nursery"!

I specialize in reborn dolls, sometimes referred to as fake babies or lifelike dolls. Twin dolls and photo dolls made in the likeness of your child are also my specialty. So step inside my fairy tale world of babies but be careful! You just might fall in love with these little Darlings!

Credits: The story of Peter Pan is the creation of Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie